• [WIP|SA]The LAST OF US - HUD Style

    idea came from nowhere.
    since i made alot of GTA V addon HUD
    (Including the God Of War Style)
    today im planning to make a TLOU HUD for GTA SA.
    and for now.im not going to use DK22pac's GTA V HUD.
    mostly im using the CHUD of Assasins Creed III or GTA IV Hud.
    ofcouse i can make a circular HUD if i use either of those.

    Current Progress
    Its not yet started.except i designed how the HUD looks like.

    for those who didn't know.
    THE LAST OF US is a game exclusive in PlayStation.


    (Fake Ingame HUD)
    (Ingame HUD TLOU)

  • [REL|SA]God Eater 2:Rage Burst - Beta HUD (GTA V Addon) b1


    Still need some fixes.and new textures but meh.too lazy.

    - Fix colors (more on Gods Eater 2 style)
    - Change Show money/Ammo from being permanently display
    - Added SAMP edition.
    - U/I change via Widescreen codes

    Few Bugs
    - Not so good when playing in MOST SAMP server. (looks shit in UIF)

    authors - DOA_Marie,dk22pac

    i might release the 
    Sengoku Basara Yukimura Den HUD and Dynasty Warriors 8 soon.
    so stay tune :3

    Offline (San Andreas)
     Online (SAMP/San Andreas Multi Player)

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