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Model Ripped by maki
Mod Rigged by Me~

Kyoko Toshino - Jessica (Winter)
Chinatsu Yoshikawa - Jill (Pirate)

Chinatsu Gameplay

Kyoko Gameplay

[REL|REV]Yuru Yuri - Chinatsu Yoshikawa + Kyoko Toshino

By : Rhon_RE4M
Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Model Ripped by maki
Mod Rigged by ME~

Akaza Akari - Jill Wetsuit (Default)
Yui Funami - Jill BSAA 

(Fix Akari Akaza Bump maps)

Both mods only works ingame.there's no Model Viewer replacement.

(Akari Akaza Gameplay)

(Yui Funami Gameplay)

[REL|REV]Yuru Yuri Akaza Akari + Yui Funami

By : Rhon_RE4M
Sunday, February 25, 2018
Ripped by KylieStylish
Rigged by ME~

PS4 Model.

there's a littler error with Sora's pendant texture.
(all texture's combine into avoid possible lagging)

[REL|SA]Kingdom Hearts 0.2 - Fragmentary Passage - Sora KH 2 Costume

By : Rhon_RE4M
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Model by Random Talking Bush
Re - Rigged by Me~
Replace Sherry Asia (MainGame Fix)

(this was a request privately.but since this was my Last RE6 Mod.
im going to make it public.Revelations Modding might start soon)

there was a problem with her lower parts.mostly in the butt
and its visible on back view.ofc i dont have the game nomore
so i cant get to fix it.

[REL|RE6]Hyperdimension Neptunia - Older Neptune

By : Rhon_RE4M 2
Model ripped by KylieStylish
Rigged by Me~
Replace Nero.

this is just the testing mod.of how will the model looks like once in game.
its fine but i need to improve the hands.

KH 3 Model?but the game wasn't release yet.
I know but this is exactly the same model as in sure of it.

[WIP|DMC4]Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Fragmentary Passage - Sora (KH 3 Model)

By : Rhon_RE4M
Monday, February 19, 2018
Model by maki /ElyosOfTheAbyss/ xelandis.
Rigged and meshmod by Me~

This version is base from the third season of Yuru Yuri
(Yuru Yuri San*Hai)
i suppose to make akane younger version.take a look at Longhair akari.
i use the face of (Onessie) by ElyosOfTheAbyss and combine with maki's

i also plan to rig this for MMD or atleast XNALARA/XPS.
but i dont have experience to rig either of those so i end up testing for GTA SA.
i might implement a RE5/6 rig DMC sorry.

[REL|SA]Yuru Yuri - Akaza Akane (Meshmod v2)

By : Rhon_RE4M
Thursday, February 15, 2018
In Game Weapon / Modded Weapon Mod  
SIG 556 - G36C/M4A1/XM8
AK - 74 - AK - 47 
VZ61 - Mac 10/MP7A1/Mini Uzi
H&K MP5A3 - UMP - 45 
PSG -1 - AWP
Dragunov - WA2000/DSR - 1
M92F - MP 443
Ithaca M37 - Remington 1100/Mossberg 500
M93R - UZI 

[REL|RE5]Rhon_RE4M Weapon Pack PART 1

By : Rhon_RE4M
Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Models by maki
Meshmod and Rigged by Me~

[REL|SA]Yuru Yuri - Akaza Akari (Meshmod LongHair)

By : Rhon_RE4M
Monday, February 12, 2018
Model Ripped by user619
Mod Rigged by Me~
Replace Jill BSAA

[REL|RE5]God Eater 2:Rage Burst - Ciel Alencon

By : Rhon_RE4M
Friday, February 9, 2018
Model by Reseliee/Lexakiness
Model Rigged by Me~
Replace Dante + Devil Trigger

[REL|DMC4]Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance/3D - Sora + Ventus Armor

By : Rhon_RE4M
Tuesday, February 6, 2018
Model Ripped by smokey1989
Mod Rigged by Me~

Replace Dante + Devil Trigger
(using Devil Trigger will activate Fear Kratos style.)

- How to install DMC 4 Mod for Crack Version - 


[REL|DMC4]God Of War III ­™ - Kratos

By : Rhon_RE4M
Monday, February 5, 2018
sorry to keep you waiting.
here's the model.

Model by user619
Requested by Noesis21

[REL|SA]Gods Eater 2:Rage Burst - Arch Alucard

By : Rhon_RE4M
Sunday, February 4, 2018

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