Posted by : Rhon_RE4M Tuesday, January 30, 2018

since we're hitting the 200,000 blogviews and also.
a 5 Year of modding since 2013.
i decide to make another modpack but now for RE5.

mod will be support with Full Cutscene and hair motions as much as possible.

Mod Completion - 67%

- Yuru Yuri Models for Sheva.(As seen below)

- Attack On Titan Eren Yeager and Levi Ackerman for Wesker. (As seen below
- New Mercenaries Mainmenu

- K-ON Mio and Asuza Models for Jill Valentine.

- Kancolle Shigure and Shimakaze for Jill Valentine (Might not final)
- Romeo,Ichigo,Deku and Naruto for Chris!.

- Character Selection.
- HUD as much as possible.
- New soundtrack as much as possible.

- HD Mercenaries Menu render


-Cutscene Support (so far haven't notice the black face problem)


- Added Eren Yeager for Wesker STARS! (Mercenaries)


- Added Levi Ackerman for Wesker MIDNIGHT! (Mercenaries)


- Replace Mercenaries Main Menu (Full Roster Revealed)
- New Costume Selection (Description Soon!)


- Added Shigure for Jill Battlesuit!

- New Text for Mercenaries Menu


- Added Uzumaki Naruto and Fix some text files/textures.


- New Mercenaries Menu!and Kirito is now replace with Deku!


- Added Izuku Midoriya for Chris (Safari)Replacing Kirito.

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  1. So, I see you've been done a grate job on modding some anime character on RE5. So keep going up and do your best to create more. And be sure to good use this website resources .

  2. thanks.tho i've been using it for that is the place where i find those Yuru yuri models.anyway glad to hear those kind words :)

  3. ammm I want to request, Make a low end patch for resident evil 4, :3 i cant cant play that As well omg ... I played on Amd a9-9420 with r5 graphics..everything Run smoothly even its slow Motion .so pleasee :3 i hope you can help me to out from trouble coz i want to play Resevil series from 1 till 6


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