Posted by : Rhon RE4M Wednesday, July 12, 2017

pl00 (Jacket) - dw8outfit
pl08(Normal/Holster) - dw8outfit
pl09(Tactical Vest) - dw7outfit
pl10(RPD) - mandarindlc

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  1. Hi

    Good models too, however in my case have problem dont show skin only show leon distorsionated (large arms) when try use this new set

    And almost forget in this release vertex patch is added (fix faces) ?

    Thanks for your work

  2. oh yeah i forgot but can you give me a screenshot of eror?

  3. Hi

    This is screens showing error

  4. that seems so weird.i double check the archive and everything is fine.are you really sure you extract the files in root folder?

    like xfile>em>pl??

  5. Hi and yeah conserve same order and first xing cai mod works good (only have face problem in calls)

    But this new mods dont work correctly, i dont know why

  6. Almost forget with lianshi mod occur same error

  7. hmmm... ill try to find whats the problem is.anyway heres the phone call bug fix.

  8. Many thanks i can confirm work

  9. well it should work now.i updated the link.

  10. Many Thanks at now work perfectly with phone fix and texture hd mod

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