Posted by : Rhon RE4M Tuesday, July 18, 2017

there is one problem i need to fix first,before i release this.
you maybe wondering why i post this but i only wanted to state that its ongoing.
well im rigging this in 3AM in the morning and i haven't  sleep yet.

heres the progress so far.

going to fix her derpy arm's.stay tuned.

5 Responses so far.

  1. It is beautiful, but be sure to not strain yourself over and get some rest.

  2. well still trying to fix her and i always ends to nothing.while you're waiting for the final mod.ill give you my v0a.the most problem about this model is.shes kinda slimmer compare to my other miku mods so anyway.

  3. Alright, gave it a shot and it seems to work well. Although I need to find a good and working female animations mod, as for the one I have seems to make her walk during running quick-time events @_@

  4. Also, thank you again for making this mod, I'm having fun with it, by any chance do you have plans on making a miku mod for RE5?

  5. Yep..but right now still trying to learn it.its hard compare rigging RE4 and GTA SA.i might port all of my mods for Ultimate HD aswell.

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