Posted by : Rhon RE4M Friday, October 13, 2017

its almost done but i decide to upload it and focus on other models.
i may fix this soon or probably not.

Mod Replace - Sherry (Asia)

known bugs 

- Right Shoulder (Bug Polys)
- Normal Map bug when playing Chapter 4 - 5
- Hair Alpha Bugs ( i did try the steps provided by my friend Diego but for some reason.i've failed it :v)
- eyes shader
- necks
(those are easy to fix but im lazy asfuck.i've been rigging this thing like whole day.)

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  1. Can you release neptune mod for re 6 ?

    1. gonna stop modding for RE6 this time.gonna focus on how to fix the cutscene for RE5 first :3 but no's my plan.

    2. alright i understand Thanks :D

  2. Quick Question, are you able to play through the campaign/cutscenes just fine? Whenever I apply the skin to the campaign, I can't seem to get past certain parts of the map unless I revert back to regular Sherry/Helena. I tried it with Helena's campaign first, then Sherry's. For example sometimes it will not allow me to get through doors that require 2 people to open them, and whenever there is a cutscene, the game crashes saying there is an error about failing to load a file or something.

    I'm most likely doing something wrong on my end, since I am using mod manager to swap costumes and such, but I thought I let you know about what I am experiencing over here.

    1. Wait nvm I fixed it. I didn't know that a Model Swap patch existed for RE6 as well.

    2. glad you did find a way to fix it.sorry for inactive lately.there is some sort of family problems so i was away in internet.


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