Posted by : Rhon RE4M Monday, October 2, 2017

i can upload this but the body bump maps are annoying.
so im going to re-rig the whole model.

this mod will replace Jill (BSAA)

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  2. can you also add nepgear in lost nightmare too same costume as jill (BSAA)

  3. Rhon RE4M says:

    i cant right now.i dont have the gold edition atm.

  4. Honestly the gold edition has a large size file for the game so i more like original resident evil 5 than gold edition cause not enough space for my Hard disk sorry for my bad english

  5. Rhon RE4M says:

    yeah i have that on my console.actually i have 3 copys of RE5.2 on my console and 1 for PC.i dont feel buying the same game again and again but who knows.GE has a lot of stuff so maybe i will port my all mods once i got it.

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