Posted by : Rhon RE4M Sunday, December 17, 2017

Model ripped by xo-Bahamut-ox
Model Rigged by ME~
Replace Ada EX02

Finall fix her hands.well its actually a Model Swap.
i re-rigged this using Ada EX1 since its basically the same.

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  1. Hi ya Rhon....i am having a problem with my facebook it seems like someone block or report my facebook cause i post about my job as a sales i am very sorry if i can't contact you on my messeger or facebook cause i can't get in no matter what i do,i can only contact you in +goggle and from your website,sorry

  2. Ooh btw you can contact me in twitter here's the link:

  3. thats why you haven't notice my anyway dont ever do that again.Facebook team sucking some shit post that related to job or any.maybe to avoid scam and shit but i dont know.too bad im not on twitter.its freaking bores me to use it.but i will create one today.i have twitter before but i delete it this year.

  4. Yeah... Sorry.... It because i have 0 consumen that's why and my job have the lowest payment i hate that.


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