Posted by : Rhon RE4M Monday, December 4, 2017

im glad.its still in my i decide to upload rather than dumping.
so anyway.this is an Old 2 months ago?
when i rigged this.the script still fine that time.

well i actually fix the script.thnx to Bluearms.but tho..still have a problem with hands.

so anyway...keep that in mind that its not perfect.there is a problem with the alpha.
so i guess im going to update soon but who knows.

like i said.i find out the issue and the script is fine.
but right now i still trying to find out how to enable the hands.
thats the update.but please dont expect any ETA.

once i fix the problem with hands.
expect Neptunia Models,Project Diva and also Reimi Saionji model.

Model by Rolance/Sticklove
Mod Rigged by Me~
Replace - Ada CS0 Chinese white
(not the one that unlocks from

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  1. New mod coming out but it's not anime but i like it :D

    1. Ooh also i just notice while i am playing re6 the hand it only show after you change weapon or reload and standing idle when i use miku mod

  2. yes.thats the issue im working now.tho i actually have the same bug when i first rig a model.

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Rhon sup? Any progess for mod RE6 neptunia?

  4. haven't started.i kinda like to do it now but im lazy asf lol.

    1. Haha it's okay XD...but You said you had the mod but it just only. Need hand fix right? If you do how about. You release the Beta version just like miku?

  5. Gonna start with Dengekiko and Famitsu for RE5 first.

  6. well i dont have the model but luckily..all models from VG Resource is there forever and my rigging skills is somewhat improve so i guess it should be easy and maybe way better than the one i did in the video.i gotta use the one from Deviantart so i can make an improvise hands.

    1. Yep.i just saw some Devianart yesterday it has many model.and also my internet lagging too XD


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