Posted by : Rhon RE4M Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Model by FurYu
Mod rigged by Me~

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  1. Do you use MMD or milkshake for making mod like this

  2. Rhon RE4M says:

    MMD and 3DS Max.Milkshape if there is a texture bugs or related.

  3. I see....... Hey i just fix the rin kagamine head with chris during the cutscene i use some swap character patch in resident evil modding mod so.... Neptune and rin in cutscene finaly!! :D

  4. I mean i replace chris head with rin kagamine during the cutscene sorry my english kinda bad....oh i gonna show it to you later

  5. Rhon RE4M says:

    hehe i have the patch tho i always crash.

  6. well i did not copy the dodge patch cause i don't want to

  7. here's the result :


  9. i did to the old neptune too well as you can see her hair bug....i just copy paste file and well there it is :D

  10. Rhon RE4M says:

    thats actually good.i still trying to figure out how to fix the black face in cutscene.

  11. Thanks but i can only figure it out by copy and paste some file only

  12. And i am trying to fix cutscene for nepgear...copy paste time ! XD

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