Posted by : Rhon RE4M Monday, November 27, 2017

Christmas is near.too busy less money.
i really want to do this since yesterday.but need to attend my newphew's baptism.
RE4 will get the same mod soon.sorry RE6 suppose to have this aswell.
the script doesn't seem to work perfectly 
(as i said numerous times)

so here's the model anyway.
no cutscene support.might the file from my other marie do the trick but im not sure.

Mod Ripped by - Rolance
Mod Rigged by Me~
Mod Replace Sheva BSAA

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  1. Hi Rhon what are you doing while chrismas?

  2. just hangging with my family thats all.
    anyway same as before no progress so far.been busy lately.

    1. Me too i am having hard time sometimes man i am so tired

  3. Hi Rhon how's your chrismas,mine was bad even now XD

  4. we always go to the church.even tho i dont believe at any religion but to respect our family tradition.since my father birthday was lies.after that when we go back just at my room.full of foods and playing my games all day. hehe i dont consider it as good but hehehe.

  5. ahh Good i see that was great...well as for me i got some bad days and so on well just like that i just in home and play a games XD

  6. I love girls in red so thank you


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