Posted by : Rhon RE4M Friday, November 3, 2017

im having a lot of troubles using sectus RE6 script.
for some reason it has a tons of missing bones.
which is not happening before.i just notice this day.

so's the progress so far.

since i have a problem with the script.i decide to try ada's model than helena.
im trying to figure out if the REHD is way better than sectus script.

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  1. Thanks it looks cool and also her hand is missing

  2. Rhon RE4M says:

    yeah i mistakenly rename the model to 0.

  3. Good work. Please take your time on it, I am still working on Sherry's campaign with your Marie Rose mod on her.

    Hard to focus on the game with that battlesuit on ;)

  4. #request can you make yuri from fatal frame v for resident evil 5 with replcace sheva bsaa and some cutsene plasee i be waiting thank you #Rhon RE4M

  5. Rhon RE4M says:

    who to be exact? i would love to rig any Fatal Frame model since i have'nt any.

  6. Anything should we need to know is there any bug like just in not her hand?

  7. When i saw in your video i think it's only her hand it's bugging

  8. Rhon RE4M says:

    hands,shoulder and also the butt is needed to be improve.also i might try how to rig the cutscene aswell.right now the script i been using is glitching.might try other script or rerigged the entire mod while using the buggy one.

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