Posted by : Rhon_RE4M Sunday, September 2, 2018

Model - Random Talking Bush
Rigged - Me~
Replace Jill STARS

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  1. Any chance you'll be updating the miku one?

  2. Same here blackwockshooter. I hope he'll get to it soon. I really do love that mod and I hope it gets fixed up.

  3. Yes.. i wanted to make hatsune miku for RE games i can mod.
    i will check if the mod still exist in my PC so i can add improvements.
    if not then it will force me to create another from the ground up. and mostly will use another model than the last one.

  4. Do you think you can replace other Jill's outfits or Chris's outfits with these kind of Miku designs?

  5. Also are we able to expect Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil Revelations to get Miku outfits down the line sometime? I really want to play as Miku in those games so I can get hype for Resident Evil 2 Remake coming in January of next year. Thanks and have a great day.

  6. i can assure for revelations but zero...
    i.. don't think so. i have the game but unfortunately it was running low.
    i try to use a patch just like what REHD has but it didn't help.

  7. Oh well. No need to worry about zero then. I've been playing it for a while and I can see why most people kinda don't want to play it after beating it once.


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