Posted by : Rhon_RE4M Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Model by Rolance
Replacing Sherry all campaign models.

This is the first mod attempting to add functional face rigs.
Mouth is working just right!

I'm still thinking what model i should replace for Europe and Snow outfit.
would add cutscene support with fully face rig aswell.
right now done the Asia replacement, which is this.

i actually did try this.

but i kinda don't like ther result.

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  1. i have this models i want for resident evil revelations. Have a look and see if you can do them. Thanks a lot <3!At91kQKT!HAllymF4uUN8dJYZX5TDkeajBnp2_deP4-bCm9o8XU8

    oh! one more thing. I know you can take off the accesories and stuff like that so...Can you take off the sandals aswell and leave them barefooted? Thanks again in advance <3

  2. Yes! i can do that.
    i will release this mod once it's done! keep update on this blog :3

  3. Ahh i wan't to poin't this out.
    unlike resident evil 4. a replacement of female to male character is somewhat impossible. i hear it's possible but i have no experience swaping the files from male to female. so sorry if i will only rigg a female to female character's.


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