Posted by : Rhon_RE4M Sunday, September 16, 2018

Model by xCrofty
Rigged by Me~
Replace Jill Wetsuit (Default)

Minor bugs are the 01 Number on her shoulder.
Keep that in mind this game is using a Pre-Rendered cutscene!
as much as i want to add some. it's impossible for the case of Revelations.


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  1. Looks pretty neat, keep up the good work!! <3

    About my request, i have an alternative solution. Just replace the female chars and their alternative outfits (the ones i wanted to replace a male char, Can you make them to replace Rachel, Lady Hunk or even Jessica instead? The only thing is, try to replace different outfits. And that´s that. Thanks a lot for taking my request, i know this moddeling stuff is a hard work ^^"

  2. Alright.
    i will update you soon.

    About this MOD!
    Please Redownload the Mod (it include's a HotFix)

  3. Do I need other stuff in order to install this mod or can I install it just like Resident evil 5 and remake?

  4. I'm not sure but i did unpack each arc and extract the files back in nativePC. i just think its required for CAPCOM Mt's game.

  5. and then do the installing using Fluffy manager.

  6. @Neptune

    No need to worry anymore cause somehow i manage to do it.
    i will ask you some favor. would you email me your FB?
    by that i can update you faster.

  7. hmmm i don´t have facebook but i have twitter, @RomWhitesister. Hope that work too ^^"

    Thanks a lot in advance, is awesome that you manage to do it somehow, you are a genius!! <3

  8. Never mind, my brother let me use his account just to speak with you ^^" here it is

  9. I replaced the files and its not showing up in game. Am I doing installing it wrong?

  10. Nevermind I've fixed I had the old version.


    I was wondering if have you any interest in making mods for Resident Evil using these models? I would really love to have the first three for Resident Evil Remake. Also do you have plans on modding Resident Evil Revelations 2 and Resident Evil 2 remake in the future? Thanks and have a great day!


    Also here's the link to the nude Miku model if you ever get the chance to rig it.

  13. Modding the RE2 Remake will probably be difficult due to the new RE Engine the game is based on, compared to the other Resident Evil games Rhon has created mods for.

    Not many people were interested in modding RE7 at the time(Probably because it was first person), but hopefully when RE2 Remake comes out, we'll start seeing some mods over time.

  14. I was thinking for Revelations 2. but for Resident Evil 2 Remake. well probably no. blackwock already stated the answer.

    but anyway.. hehe like i said before. it's impossible for me (yet)
    to create adult mods. my mom would wreck my ass if he find that out :v

  15. forgot to say.
    i was busy from making my Manga story.
    so pardon if some request is going take long.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.


    So these clothed ones could be made sometime that I requested earlier?

  18. Would love to see the YYB Factory first before the rest if ever.
    i have 2 request right now that i need to do first. the fix of Rom and the fix for IF. after that i may be do your request.

    it's really hard to make schedule's since like i said i'm also busy developing my web comic.

  19. Thank you so much! Can't wait to see them done. I going to love replaying Resident Evil Revelations 2 when you start making mods for it. Have a great night.

  20. Well.. it look's like two from your link's are gone.

    YYB Factory and Fonewearl.

    gonna do the default or either Racing.

    i haven't check the rest yet.


    Heres the download for Fonewearl. I'll see if I can find the others.

    Heres the factory one.


    In case you can't find the working link on that page, here is the working one.


    Do this one of instead of this one

    Due to the download link not being available anymore. Here is a preview of the outfit.

  25. A lot of the downloads on Deviant Art are either in the description or on the right hand side where it says download rar.


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